​How is the wedding album?

I have designed a unique and special album for Guayabita Studio.

i like it  Be careful so it's made by a bookbinding craftsman. The photos are printed on photographic paper one for each side of the page.

On the other hand we also have the option of the digital album in which the photos are printed on the same photographic sheet or paper.

You will also have the option to choose the colors that you like the most.


At Guayabita Studio we have several options, from huge weddings to small weddings. Ask for the budget that best suits your expectations. Go ahead and get in touch, I will be delighted to hear from you.

Why do I like weddings?

After working in all sectors of the photographic world, both in the press, advertising and fashion retouching, I have realized that what I really like are weddings.  The families  they are always happy, a thousand emotions come together, they eat and drink and end up with a big party! Going home with stiffness but with a smile remembering the best moments is to have a nice job.

Not only that, it is very rewarding to see couples smile or cry when they open their photo album, it is the memory that remains. In addition to meeting many people and some already being part of my friends.

Do you do post or pre-wedding?

Sure, we'll have a great time. We will choose a nice place and let ourselves go.

We are not photogenic, it gives us a lot of cutting. What do we do?

Neither do I!  Don't worry, I won't make you run, jump, or make colored bubbles, all I want is for you to be yourself. At first it will cost you a little but soon you will lose the shame.

Ok, we have it clear and  now what?

I'm glad to hear that. Now you just have to contact me. The easiest thing is that you write me an email and explain to me how your wedding will be and what you expect from the photographic report.

I have no fixed headquarters  so to get to know each other, let's do a skype! It will be fun.

Thank you for trusting Guayabita Studio. Expert wedding photographer.